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We specialize in the design of small, highly targeted, Search Engine friendly, business websites.

These types of site have proven to be very successful for our clients as opposed to designing large diverse websites with many products.

The reason for this is simple - many small to medium sized businesses are relying almost totally on Search Engines for their visitors.

Promoting websites on Search Engines is far more effective if you split your products or services and target specific customers with small websites designed around carefully chosen keywords.

The more targeted you can make your website the better the results from Search Engines will be in most cases.

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WordPress Websites


Many clients now prefer to have their websites built using WordPress.

WordPress websites allow clients to make changes to their sites if they wish and have a blog facility incorporated.

WordPress blogs can also be provided as a separate website.

Please note we don't use the free service at (although we could set up blogs there if specifically requested) - all sites or blogs will be custom built and hosted using a service that has WordPress software pre-loaded.

For clients with little or no WordPress knowledge we can provide telephone training sessions to provide sufficient knowledge to allow page updates and blog editing to be carried out.

For more information about a WordPress website for your business please enquire via our contact form

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Websites

Many businesses now wish to have Mobile Friendly Websites which can be viewed properly on smartphones.

WordPress websites can be built using Mobile Friendly Themes.

These themes are known as "responsive themes" which re-size and change their format automatically to suit the device on which they are viewed.

The example opposite shows how one of our client websites, which has been built using this type of theme, appears on a smartphone.

For more information about a mobile friendly WordPress website for your business please enquire via our contact form

Mini Websites / PPC Landing Websites

Mini Websites provide small, low cost websites based on a fixed design template and fixed number of pages.

Uses include:

    -  Landing sites for pay per click or e-mail campaigns.
    -   Small, product specific websites for companies with an existing website and a diverse product range.
    -  Products, services or events that have a short lifespan or change regularly.
    -  Direct referral sites.
    -  Starter websites for new businesses with low budgets.

The mini website service provides a website on a 12 month contract basis which can be renewed annually.

For more information about a mini website for your business please enquire via our contact form

Directory and Search Engine Listing

A Directory and Search Engine listing + ranking programme is essential if you want the best chance of your new website appearing quickly and highly on the top Search Engines.

Our Service has provided exactly that for over ten years and will get you listed quickly and efficiently.

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Domain Names

We register all our .com domain names with the World's Largest Registrar - and domains with Heart Internet.

Choice of Registrar is very important - if a Registrar goes bust or is taken over this can present many difficulties for domain name holders. Both of these companies have proven to provide excellent service.

We can provide domain names for you or guide you through the buying and setting-up process if you wish to do it yourself, as many people do.