PPC Management Terms of Service

By entering into a PPC management service agreement with LJB Services (Proprietor Les Bell) and making payment for that service the client accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

This is a legally binding business to business agreement.

1 –  General Terms

1.1  Set-up prices for services are for single accounts unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.2  Monthly management charges will be held firm for 12 months after which they may rise to cover any cost increases. Clients will be notified in advance of any increases.

1.3  Prices for additional work requested by clients will be quoted using costs applicable at the time of request.

1.4  Prices quoted for set-up and management services exclude VAT.

1.5  Click fees are not included in any cost quoted by LJB Services and do not form part of this agreement. Fees are payable directly by the client to the PPC service provider.

1.6  Client undertakes to notify LJB services of any changes made to their website or pages during the period of this service.

1.7  Client undertakes to monitor website enquiries, orders and net profit from orders generated by PPC ads and provide regular feedback to LJB Services so that maximum profitable cost per click can be maintained for all ads / keywords.

2 –  Payment

2.1 Payment for UK clients is accepted by business cheque or electronic bank transfer unless otherwise agreed.

2.2  Payment for non-UK clients is accepted by Paypal.

2.3  Payment for account set-up is required in advance unless otherwise agreed.

2.4  Payment for monthly management charges is required within 10 days of invoice. Invoices will be issued on the first working day of each month.

2.5  Invoices for all services will be issued in PDF format by e-mail.

2.6  Late Payment – If payment is not received by the due date, the management service will be paused (unless otherwise agreed) until payment is received.

2.7  Bounced cheques – a fee of £25 is payable each time a cheque bounces to cover the cost of bank charges and administration time.

2.8  Non Payment – The management service will cease if payment is not received or is cancelled

2.9  Accounts are set up using client supplied information, in their own names. Payment for clicks is made directly from clients to Google / Microsoft, normally by the clients debit / credit card *see below.

LJB Services does not form part of the payment chain for clicks and issues no direct invoices for same.

3 –  Limitation Of Liability

3.1  This management service does not guarantee any number of clicks, website visits, or any amount of business generated as a result of use of this service. These are subject to many influences, not least the on-line demand for the clients product / services. Client agrees that no claims shall be made against LJB Services in respect of any use of this service.

3.2  Client credit card details – during the account set-up credit / debit card details may have to be entered into the account. If LJB Services are requested to do this on the clients behalf the details will be entered while speaking to the client by telephone. LJB services will not record these details and will have no further access to them. LJB Services will not be responsible for any breach of security between the client and the PPC Account Provider (Google / Microsoft) in respect of credit or debit card details or any other details.

4 –  Copyright, Trademarks and Patents

4.1 Client takes full responsibility for the product / services being advertised and warrants that in doing so no violation of copyright, trademarks or patents will occur. Client will approve all ad copy and client agrees that they will not involve LJB Services in any claims made as a result of any breaches of copyright, trademarks or patents.

5 –  Termination of Service

5.1  The management service can be cancelled at any time by either party. Cancellation notice must be issued in writing by e-mail.

5.2  Termination by client – The service shall cease at the end of the month in which the cancellation notice is received by LJB Services. Payment will be required for the final month unless otherwise agreed. If the client has paid for more than two months in advance a refund of the number of remaining full months (minus 1 month) will be made.

5.3  Termination by LJB Services – The service shall continue for 30 days from the date the cancellation notice is received by the client. If the client has paid for more than two months in advance a refund of the number of remaining full months will be made.

6 –  Disputes

6.1  In the event of a dispute arising from the use of this service, both parties will afford each other the opportunity to rectify the dispute before entering into any legal action. In the event that legal action is taken by either party this shall be in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

7 –  Notes

LJB Services is not employed or paid by any PPC service provider to provide this management service.

PPC service provider Terms of Service – accounts will be set-up in the clients name and clients will therefore also be fully bound by the account providers terms of service.