PPC Management

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) adverts are small ads that appear at the top and side of Search Engine results and in various locations on other associated websites.

The two main services that most small businesses will wish to use at present are Google Ads and Bing Ads (Microsoft):

Google Ads appear on the Google Search Engine can also appear on their partner network websites. Bing Ads appear on the Bing Search Engines and other websites.

The size and layout of these ads is limited and you pay a (variable) fee each time someone clicks on one of your ads.

PPC ads can be a very profitable way to generate business when used correctly, but must be managed properly to avoid losses.

It’s essential to target the correct keyword phrases and markets with ads that are properly written, to avoid non-targeted clicks and minimize costs.

Ads and keywords must directly relate to the content on the landing page visitors are sent to. Text used in ads must be relevant and properly describe the products or services being advertised.

Quality and relevance of keywords used on landing pages are very important as these are used in PPC ad rank which, combined with the amount you bid determines ad placement. Higher ad quality scores, lead to higher ad placement and can lower your costs.

This can mean that you may have to change some of your page content or add new pages with specific content. In some cases it can be beneficial to have separate websites – for example if you provide services in different counties or countries.

Landing pages should:

  • Contain relevant and original content.
  • Be directly relevant to your ad text.
  • Contain clear information about the products / services being advertised.
  • Be easy to navigate.
  • Contain reviews or provide links to reviews / testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Distinguish any sponsored links, from the rest of your site content.
  • Contain your contact information or a link to it.
  • Provide clear information about your business.

You need to be aware that when you start using PPC advertising, competitors who are already using it may change their bid strategy if you displace them, and this will continue as others start advertising. Therefore costs per click are likely to vary over time. Even over a short period of time bids can vary as ads appear and disappear when advertisers budgets are added to or run out.

Clients must keep track of the revenue generated directly from their ads in order to maintain bid levels that make profits. Otherwise they can end up paying more per click than the profit generated.

In very simple terms this means recording the following each month (per account):

  • All PPC generated click-throughs.
  • All enquiries from click-throughs (including phone enquiries).
  • All orders placed from PPC generated enquiries.
  • Net profits made from the PPC generated orders.

This enables the profit made from each click to be calculated and the maximum amount to be paid for each click, in order to maintain profit from PPC advertising.

As a very simple example, if the profit generated from 1000 click throughs equated to £1000 you can see that by paying £1.00 per click you would make no profit at all and it would be a waste of time. Therefore you would set your maximum bid somewhere below that – for example 50p per click would cost £500 per 1000 clicks and you would have made £500 profit.

In the first few months this is trial and error until proper statistics become available, so a maximum spend should be set. For example someone new to PPC advertising may set a daily budget of £10 to £50 which can be adjusted as more performance information becomes available.

PPC advertising requires regular user input to make the most from it and to ensure money is not lost by paying more per click than the profit generated by it.

Anyone not prepared to manage a PPC account properly may lose money or be relying purely on luck.

PPC has huge advantages over other advertising because people looking at your ads on a Search Engine are usually looking for your service, so they are very highly targeted.

PPC Management Services Provided

We provide a Pay per click management service for clients who wish to save time and money managing their own accounts, or who don’t have the expertise to manage their account efficiently.

The service includes:

  • Account set-up using your name and details.Joint access e-mail account set-up.Initial keyword research.
  • Campaign set-up including type of campaign – ie search only, search partners or display network or all.
  • Ad group creation.
  • Writing ad text and advising about landing pages.
  • Keyword choice for ads.
  • Negative keyword choice for ads.
  • Setting max Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • Configuring advanced aspects such as position preference and limiting ad display times.
  • Monthly management service providing performance reports for ads, clicks, changes, costs, ad performance, possible clicks by competitors, etc.

Additional services if required:

  • Set-up Google Local Business Listing.
  • Set-up of Google analytics on client website.
  • Modifications to landing pages and / or websites.

PPC Account Set-up Fees

Cost is fom £200-00 per account (Google Adwords* or Bing Ads*) and includes:

  • One account set up in clients name.
  • Two ad campaigns.
  • Two ad groups per campaign.
  • Four ads per ad group.
  • Any combination of the above totalling 16 ads.
  • Keyword research and choice for each campaign / ad.Additional campaign set up from £80 each.
  • Additional ad groups added to exisitng campaigns – £30 per ad group.
  • Additional ads added to existng campaigns – £15 per ad.

Not included:

  • Modifications to clients website.
  • New PPC landing pages or websites.Click fees.

PPC Monthly Management Fees

Cost is from £50-00 per month and includes:

  • Monitoring and providing advice relating to ad performance.
  • Adjusting ads to improve performance.
  • Adjusting keywords to improve performance.
  • Monitoring website to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Monitoring budget.
  • Monitoring account for alerts and policy changes.
  • Ad performance reports.
  • Email updates.

Click Costs

Clients are responsible for paying the pay-per-click costs directly to Google (Google Ads) and / or Microsoft (Bing Ads).


Set-up cost will be invoiced and is payable in advance of setting up the account.Payment for management service is monthly.

Invoices will be issued by e-mail in PDF format on the 1st working day of each calendar month and payment is required within 10 working days.

For types of payment accepted see terms of service

Non payment, late payment and bounced cheques – see terms of service

Payment for clicks are made directly from clients to Google / Microsoft, normally by the clients debit / credit card.

LJB Services does not form part of the payment chain for clicks.

Terms of Service

All services are provided in accordance with our terms of service


Pay per click management for search advertising is available to our existing clients and will soon be available to new clients.

For more information about PPC management and a quote for your business please enquire via our contact form


* Google Ads is a trademark of Google.
* Bing is a trademark of Microsoft.

LJB Services is not employed, affiliated, or otherwise related to, or paid by either of the above companies to provide this service or any other service.

Accounts are set up using client supplied information in their own names.

Payment for clicks are made directly from clients to Google / Microsoft.