Directory and Search Engine Listing

Due to recent Google updates it is now more difficult to maintain high rankings. In our opinion it is not a sound strategy for small businesses in competitive sectors to rely totally on normal listings on Google and we advise against it.

Our current advice is to ensure that your website ranks highly on Yahoo and Bing and be prepared to use Adwords on Google.

Alternative Search Engines such as Ixquick and DuckDuckGo are gaining popularity and should not be ignored. It may only take one sale to be generated by a lesser known Search Engine to justify being listed on it.By preparing your new website properly and submitting to established Search Engines, Directories and new Search Engines you will stand the best chance of getting good amounts of visitors via normal Search results.With a Search Engine friendly website and correct choice of main keywords, an increase in visitors can be expected in many cases.

Targeting your Customers.

It is essential to understand that promoting websites on Search Engines is a very highly targeted process. It needs careful consideration by the website owner and website designer.The correct choice of your targeted search term, is of paramount importance and must properly researched.

You should very carefully select keywords that you know your customers will use, to form your targeted search phrases. These words must then be properly used in your website page titles, descriptions and in the page text. That has always been the best way to gain good, targeted, Search Engine rankings and still is. In fact it is also vital when using Pay-per-click services to ensure your gain good ad rank.This selection process should ideally be done before your website is designed.

Here are two good reasons why:

If your products / services and marketplace are diverse, different search phrases will be used. Better results are often obtained by building small, dedicated sites for individual products / services. These can be targeted directly to customers searching specifically for each product (and linked to each other if appropriate).

It is much easier to make a website Search Engine friendly when it is being built. Otherwise a site is likely to need changes made to incorporate main keywords throughout the marketing text, metatags, links, etc.

Design affects how well websites rank on Search Engines.

Websites with Homepages made with many graphics and little or no text may also rank poorly

.Attempts to fool Search Engines such as cloaking, invisible text, duplicate metatags, multiple domain names, creating hundreds of poor quality links, etc. should also be avoided. They can result in websites being banned by some Search Engines.

Search Engine and Directory Submission.

Search Engines can only list your site if they can follow a link to it or if you submit it.

Experience shows that new websites benefit from being submitted to Search Engines as they have no incoming links so they are unlikely to be found without submission.

Directories can provide useful links to your website, require manual submission as there simply is no other option – you must submit to be listed.

Which Search Engines and Directories?

Top referrers for almost all websites will be Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft).

However others should not be ignored so with our basic service your website will be submitted manually to a selection of top Search Engines, Directories and new Search Engines.

 How long to get listed?

Your site will start to appear on Search Engines within a few weeks of your payment. Listing periods do vary though and it can take anything from a few days to a few months before your website appears on some Search Engines. Directories can take much longer.

Reviews and Updates

While listings on Bing and Yahoo remain relatively stable, Google listings are not. There have always been regular changes to Google that have resulted in many websites losing their rankings completely. This has been disastrous for many website owners, who have done nothing wrong but are suddenly penalised and lose most of their traffic and hence, business.

As part of our service we will review our clients websites after major Google updates become apparent and will advise if we think any changes to websites may be appropriate. We will also advise if we think that using pay-per click services are advisable.

Our current advice is to concentrate on achieving high rankings on Bing and Yahoo and the highest possible on Google, but be prepared to spend money on Google Ads as well.

Costs – Basic service – due to changes in some services please enquire for a quotation.

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* Important – This is a Submission Service NOT an Optimization Service. Optimization subject to quotation and contract.

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Customer Comment:

“I commissioned Les of LJB Services earlier this year.

I have had my website for some time and before this had struggled to put it onto the right search engines to little effect.

Les helped to turn the site into a user friendly easily accessible site tweaking the site itself and loading the site onto major search engines every 2 months.

This has increased it’s effectiveness 100% and I receive a stream of productive e-mails every day.

It makes advertising my services so much easier I just sit back and let my website do the work.”

Sarah Bailey